Wall mural with antique finish

We in canary fonds mainly concentrate on wall mural of contemporary form of art and coated with antique finish. We have efficient artists and skilled labours in canary fonds for Wall murals. Our experience and academic goals in this field of art gives us an encouragement and motive to excel in this field till now.


Our oil painting style are mainly of abstract designs, the word abstract gives you a feel of uniqueness and different form of art.

Compound walls with designer elements

Canary fonds makes your Scratch ideas to Beautiful Compound Wall Design that will tell our identity to your Beatiful Property . Designer Compound wall add to your own home inspiration for Others . Compound Wall with Design solutions offeredcomes in flawless construction finish and perfectly matches up to the compounding needs

Abstract metal sculpture

Sculptures made of metal with an abstract idea gives you a emission feel here in canary fonds. Our ideas here in abstract metal sculptures are totally out of the box, hence we are absolutely different from others as we work day to night for the progress of the work and to achieve the fulfillness of our clients.

Abstract Sculpture is a sensual expression of the mind to the heart.

Designer gates

Canary fonds make your Dream gate pr to Beautiful Compound Gate that will tell our identity to your Home . Designer Gate add to your own home inspiration for Others . So Tell us your idea about your Face of the Home, thats your Designer Gate.

Relief Sculptures

Relief sculpture are created here within no time as we have skilled men to work. As our works are directly on the walls or the space permitted for us, without using any heavy machines or in unpractised way. We do work systematically according to the words of our trained artist.

Fountains - interior / exterior

Fountains here we do are the very unique form of art with different ideas and style. Our uniqueness in fountains exterior / interior are which can be done in limited space and time. Exterior fountains with lady figures are the most aesthetic work done here as no fear of maintenance due to damage caused by nature. The materials used here are the fine quality and more in quantity as our clients are fulfilled about our creation till now.

Wall Reliefs

The technique used by our artist are simple and 100% efficient, The materials used by us are fine quality based on cement and ceramic. Another uniqueness in our works are the outer coating with antique finish. As there is no maintenance for our work because we initially take precaution with protection coating done with latest technology.

Relief is a sculptural technique where the sculpted elements remain attached to a solid background of the same material.

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